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Giselle’s Stacking the Shelves [June 8th]

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Stacking the Shelves is a meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews featuring the books we got this week, and I also mention blog news/happenings of the past week.

Hi everyone! I figure many of you are still recuperating from BEA. I almost need a vacation from that vacation >.< I did a recap post both on the blog here, and a Facebook photo recap here as well if you missed it. We also got a couple of new giveaways on the blog: you can win a copy of The Fever and Take Me On (which also has a prize pack grand prize!). Also don’t forget to sign-up for our Cover Madness giveaway hop! It was a blast last year and we’re already at over 40 sign-ups! 🙂

(Click on covers for Goodreads)

I received for review:


Print book haul:
Servants of the Storms by Delilah S. Dawson
Rumble by Ellen Hopkins
Dissonance by Erica O’Rourke
Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid
Hexed by Michelle Krys

*Big thanks to Random House, Macmillan Children’s, Harlequin Teen, Sarah Alderson, and HarperCollins  for these pretties!*

And my BEA book haul (which I’m not going to attempt to link to all the books because.. yeah):

That’s all (and more than enough, I’d say ;)) for me this week!

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28 Responses to “Giselle’s Stacking the Shelves [June 8th]”

  1. Nereyda @Mostly YA Book Obsessed

    Aghhhhhhh, I loooooooved Out of Control! Guns, killers and romance! I swear that book was made especially for me and you can’t convince me otherwise. Did you know it was inspired by Ryan Gosling in Drive? Hope you like it if you read it! The cover for A Thousand Pieces of You is gorgeous. Awesome BEA book haul! Fucking conferences need to come to the West Coast! Enjoy!

  2. Amanda @ Book Badger

    So many beautiful books! I have to say, I’m most jealous of you having Unmarked and Out of Control; ever since I read a review on Out of Control I’ve been interested and I read Unbreakable and really want to see where the series goes, so I’ll have to look out for your review on that too! So glad you enjoyed BEA! 🙂

  3. Leanna

    Wow! That BEA book haul is something amazing!

    I got No Place to Fall this week too and I really want to read Let’s Get Lost. Sounds like a good one. I had high hopes for Hexed but I didn’t love it.

  4. Cait @ Notebook Sisters

    OH MY GOSH. ALL THOSE BOOKS. *drools* Sooo awesome. x) BEA is kind of a dream of mine, I mean: books + book lovers = intense awesome. ANYWAY. I did a double take at Rain Reign because it has the exact same cover image as Night Vision. o.O I wonder how that happens in books?? The same cover going out twice…mmm. My Sunday Post!

  5. Pili

    Yeah, that BEA haul is fantastic!! And all that amount the books and I simply just go and zero onto TALON!! *makes grabby hands*

    Happy reading, Giselle!!

  6. Rashika

    YAY FOR OUT OF CONTROL! I hope you read it soon! And like it! 😛

    I am going to go now and drool over your BEA haul.. so many pretties in there.. O_O
    I don’t know how you get any work done with all of them lying around just begging to be read

  7. Seirra Poirier

    That’s such an epic haul!! Some standout titles that I really want to read are A Thousand Pieces of You, Hexed, and Dissonance!! I hope you enjoy them all. 🙂 Also, that BEA collection is wicked impressive. I got quite a few books from the expo but nowhere near the amount of books that you got. Wow. Reading material for years to come! Enjoy!!!

  8. Michelle

    OMG, I received Dissonance about a month back and it was amazing and my most favourite book that was published this year. I hope you love it! (Read it soon so I can see your thoughts, LOL)

  9. Juhina

    EEP! I’m excited for Let’s Get Lost! I’ve already told you how awesome some of the books in your BEA haul are 😉 yeay for awesomeness. hope you enjoy them all!

    – Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  10. Mel@thedailyprophecy

    I’m in love with the cover from A thousand pieces of you 🙂 No place to fall looks adorable too. Don’t mind me drooling all over your BEA haul picture. So many good titles to spy!

  11. Lina @ bibliophilic geek

    Well, that’s certainly impressive. I spotted “Landline” & “The Bone Season”! Great, I really want to read these. “A Thousand Pieces of You”, “Hexed” & “Let’s Get Lost” also seem pretty intriguing.

  12. Maddy @ Symphony of Words

    A Thousand Pieces of Us has such a gorgeous cover! Being a Claudia Gray fan I cannot wait to get my hands on it 🙂 lovely book haul, Giselle, can’t wait to see your views on Gray’s novel!

  13. tonyalee

    A Thousand Pieces of You! AH! I love her other books so I am so excited for that one.

    I don’t blame you for not linking all those books. That would take all damn day!

  14. Kristen@My Friends Are Fiction

    All the amazing books *passes out* I don’t even know where to start there are so many great ones. Enjoy them all! I’m excited to see what you think of Dissonance. I’ve not seen anything about it but it is a very lovely (if not typical) cover.

  15. Bonnie

    A Thousand Pieces of You is quite possibly one of my favorite covers, ever. I REALLY hope the story is just as awesome!
    AHHH! Rumble! Can’t wait for more from Hopkins.
    Holy moly. Hope you have some bookshelf space (or at the very least floor space) for those stacks! Lol