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Monday, June 09, 2014

Review: The Body In The Woods by April Henry

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I received this book for free from Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: The Body In The Woods by April HenryThe Body In The Woods by April Henry
Series: Point Last Seen #1
Published by Henry Holt and Co. on June 17th 2014
Genres: Mystery, Thriller, YA
Source: Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group
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In this new series told from multiple perspectives, teen members of a search and rescue team discover a dead body in the woods.

Alexis, Nick, and Ruby have very different backgrounds: Alexis has spent her life covering for her mom’s mental illness, Nick’s bravado hides his fear of not being good enough, and Ruby just wants to pursue her eccentric interests in a world that doesn’t understand her. When the three teens join Portland County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue, they are teamed up to search for a autistic man lost in the woods. What they find instead is a dead body. In a friendship that will be forged in danger, fear, and courage, the three team up to find the girl’s killer—before he can strike one of their own.

This first book in April Henry’s Point Last Seen YA mystery series is full of riveting suspense, putting readers in the middle of harrowing rescues and crime scene investigations.

The Body In The Woods is a fast paced thriller that is able to pass off as enjoyable if you suspend logic and just go along for the ride. But, when you sit down and really think about the details there is so much that is unbelievable that I can’t really recommend it to fellow readers.

In this novel we get the three main perspectives of Ruby, Alexis and Nick but we also get a few random chapters that are told from the ominous perspective of the killer himself. As far as the 3 kids go, I can’t say that I connected with any of them in any way. This is in part due to the fact that the story is told in the third person (which always leaves me feeling like an outsider looking in) and also because I felt like the details we get of their private life were just ploys to try make us care about them but ones the never managed to do so. Alexis’ mother is suffering from what seems to be bi-polar disorder and even goes missing for a stretch of days but I felt like these details were just there to be there and didn’t add to the story in any way. Nick was always mentioning how his father had died in Iraq and that was the reason he joined Search and Rescue, he wanted to do something that would have made his dad proud. I mean these private life details were obviously there to flesh out our main characters and get us to understand their motivation but it just felt like stuff that we were told here & there and nothing more than that. I would even go so far as to say that it felt as if the personal bits were thrown in afterward when the author went back through and felt that she needed to make the characters people that readers could connect with. Ruby was the only one that I felt like I somewhat understood. She was socially awkward and really struggled with fitting in. I do think that if the whole story had been more about her that I would have become much more invested. Seeing the bits from the killer’s eyes was interesting and felt very reminiscent of Barry Lyga’s I Hunt Killers (though this novel was not even in the same ballpark as Lyga’s thriller.)

What really irritated me in the novel is the complete lack of logic that went into trying to make it work. The detective working the case of the missing girls was such an idiot, which always irritates me in these novels. 3 teens who haven’t even finished school but had one amongst them who did a lot of googling and watching true crime were much more competent than the police department in this area. The red herring that gets arrested in the first place made no sense at all. They find out that this guy was growing weed in the middle of the park where the body was found and fabricate a story where the dead girl had stumbled upon the grow op and was then murdered for it. There was no evidence at all connecting him to the murder, just the fact that the 3 kids had seen him leaving the park on the afternoon that the body was found. I don’t believe for one hot minute that this man would have been arrested and put away for the murder when there was zero evidence/DNA linking him to the crime.

Bad red herring out the of way, spotting the killer was something that I was able to do the moment that they met him. Piecing together the fragments of this mystery was not challenging at all and reading through the story just felt like I was waiting for every character to finally catch up with me. While I did breeze through this one, I can’t say that it was a remarkable experience at all and this won’t be a book that I recommend any time soon, or ever.


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Review & Giveaway: The Fever by Megan Abbott

Review & Giveaway: The Fever by Megan Abbott

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Upon finishing The Fever I wasn’t really sure how I felt about it and to be honest I still don’t really know.  Usually when I write a review I go into having a general idea of what I want to say and I already have a good idea of what my rating will be.  Going into writing this review I am hoping that it will provide me with some clarity when it comes to my thoughts on the novel.

At the heart of my… indifference for the novel is the way in which it is told.  It’s a split POV tale that is told in the third person.  I always struggle when it comes to stories told in the third person, let alone when we have three different…

Review: If I Lie by Corrine Jackson

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I’ve had this book on my shelf for well over a year now but for some reason I never did get around to picking it up. When I saw Jamie from The Perpetual Page-Turner raving about it recently I decided it was time for me to bite the bullet and give If I Lie a read. Am I ever happy that I did. This story was just the kind of emotionally touching tale that I love to read and get lost in.

Sophie Topper Quinn has grown up with two very best friends, Carey and Blake. As they got older Sophie and Carey became known in their town as “Military Barbie & Ken.” People saw their future together and it was well known that they were an item. Once Carey…

Review: The Vanishing Season by Jodi Lynn Anderson

Review: The Vanishing Season by Jodi Lynn Anderson

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I’m slowly learning that I am very picky when it comes to the type of “mindfuck-ey” books that I like. There are some that I love, that skyrocket to the very top of my favourite books list (like Another Little Piece, Lucid or Complicit to name a few) and then there are some that just never grab me and seem to almost go over my head. Falling into this group is books like (Don’t You) Forget About Me and now The Vanishing Season. There were definitely things that I appreciated in this novel but I never connected to it in any way nor did I come to care about the relationships.

Maggie’s family has had to downsize after her mother got laid off from her job in Chicago. They move…

Review: Complicit by Stephanie Kuehn

Review: Complicit by Stephanie Kuehn

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Complicit is exactly the kind of book I like to read, but have so much trouble finding. At the same time it is exactly the kind of book that I hate reviewing. Full of twists, turns and unreliable characters, this novel keeps you guessing until the very end and leaves you with a conclusion that will have your jaw on the floor.

Jamie Henry is 16 years old and he doesn’t know much about his past. He knows that he was adopted at a young age and that he was very lucky to have gotten to stay with his sister, Cate through all of that. He knows that his mother was shot and killed right in front of him and he knows that his sister is not stable nor is…

Review: To All The Boys I’ve Love Before by Jenny Han

Review: To All The Boys I’ve Love Before by Jenny Han

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Around the time that To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before came out I saw nothing but love for it on my GR feed. This made me pretty excited to get around to reading it myself. I’d never read anything by Jenny Han before and this seemed like the perfect book for me to get started with. I think all of those expectations came back to bite me in the butt because I was pretty bored and annoyed through the entirety of this novel.

Lara Jean is the middle Song sister. She has her older sister Margo who is just setting off to college in Scotland and her younger sister Kitty who she is in charge of in Margo’s absence. Their mother died long ago and the girls have learned…

Review: The Secrets of Lily Graves by Sarah Strohmeyer

Review: The Secrets of Lily Graves by Sarah Strohmeyer

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After having a long stint of bad luck when it came to murder mysteries The Secrets of Lily Graves came at me like a breath of fresh air. It’s engrossing, it’s twisty and it managed to take me completely by surprise.

Lily Graves hasn’t had the most traditional of upbringings. She’s been raised in a small home attached to her families business which just happens to be a funeral home. She’s grown up fascinated with the dead and has even worked on embalming bodies at a very young age. I loved how quirky and unconventional Lily was. She had a good sense of humour and she was really smart. Sure she got a little love sick over Matt (the boy she’s crushing on) but what teenaged girl doesn’t go…

Review: Everything Leads To You by Nina LaCour

Review: Everything Leads To You by Nina LaCour

Posted by on 05/14/2014 • 30 Comments

I feel like anything I want to say about this book has to be prefaced by me fangirling over the cover. Let’s all take a moment to stare at it and just take in it’s beauty *stares at cover* man, even the font treatment is so captivating! OK, now that that is out of the way, let’s talk about what’s inside. Nina LaCour’s Everything Leads To You is so much more than just a pretty cover. It’s a beautiful love story, it’s a magical tale that truly captures the essence of living in LA and it’s a story about strong relationships; ones you have had around forever and ones that you are just beginning to forge.

I literally just have a long list of things I loved about this book…