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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Review: Delicate Monsters by Stephanie Kuehn

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I received this book for free from Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: Delicate Monsters by Stephanie KuehnDelicate Monsters by Stephanie Kuehn
Published by St. Martin's Griffin on June 9th 2015
Genres: Mystery, YA
Source: Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group
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From the Morris-Award winning author of Charm & Strange, comes a twisted and haunting tale about three teens uncovering dark secrets and even darker truths about themselves.

When nearly killing a classmate gets seventeen-year-old Sadie Su kicked out of her third boarding school in four years, she returns to her family’s California vineyard estate. Here, she’s meant to stay out of trouble. Here, she’s meant to do a lot of things. But it’s hard. She’s bored. And when Sadie’s bored, the only thing she likes is trouble.

Emerson Tate’s a poor boy living in a rich town, with his widowed mother and strange, haunted little brother. All he wants his senior year is to play basketball and make something happen with the girl of his dreams. That’s why Emerson’s not happy Sadie’s back. An old childhood friend, she knows his worst secrets. The things he longs to forget. The things she won’t ever let him.

Haunted is a good word for fifteen-year-old Miles Tate. Miles can see the future, after all. And he knows his vision of tragic violence at his school will come true, because his visions always do. That’s what he tells the new girl in town. The one who listens to him. The one who recognizes the darkness in his past.

But can Miles stop the violence? Or has the future already been written? Maybe tragedy is his destiny. Maybe it’s all of theirs.

I have loved every book by Stephanie Kuehn so far, and this one is no exception. Her books are so… bizarre and unique and wonderfully compelling. You feel as if you’re being played with, as if the book is making sure you’re never quite certain of what’s happening, except for the fact that it’s terrible and disturbing and wholly messed up!

In Delicate Monsters we’ve get ourselves 3 perspectives, and while I fear this would be a bit much – multiple perspectives can be so tricky – it ended up being the perfect choice for this story. Each perspective is very much distinct, with voices you could not confuse for another even if you tried. We meet Sadie first who we quickly learn is trouble. She’s angry and bored with everything in life and likes to pass the time by being corrupt and just plain vicious. She’s candid and rude and, personally, I found her interesting and quite entertaining – though I would never want to befriend the likes of her. Then we have Emerson who starts out as a pretty normal, likeable guy… until you get to know his darker side. And it’s a really deranged side, let me tell you. The third is Miles. You can tell he’s different from the start. He’s a sickly person who seems a bit mentally unstable with his talks of seeing the future and stuff. He intrigued me from the beginning, though; you can’t help but want to know what the hell is wrong with him.

Like in her previous books, Kuehn has added a good dose of mystery that moves along quite nicely, unraveling at just the perfect moments. You can’t ever really trust what you think you know. The more you learn about these characters, the clearer the real story gets – clearer and more horrific. It’s the kind of book that will work for some and not others, though. It’s a novel that’s miles outside the box. It’s strange and eccentric and makes you feel uneasy throughout. Me, I think it’s brilliant. I loved this explicit look at potential psychopathic behaviour and the bold, unflinching nature of the plot. I was not, however, a big fan of the ending. Don’t get me wrong, though, it’s kind of the perfect ending for what this novel is trying to be, but I was left rather rattled and worried – not the kind of resolution I expected, particularly with the whole visions thing. It’s the kind of ending where the author’s telling you “you KNOW what happens now, don’t you? Huh!? Huh!?” In a way that’s cryptic, while also being so final. Or maybe I’m just in denial.

Complicit, remains my favorite Kuehn book so far, but all three novels are so unusual and brilliant, but evil to its reader.. wonderfully evil! This one is the story of three messed up individuals whose lives intertwine in appalling ways. Kuehn is the kind of author you must experience at least once. Those who love her books will undoubtedly become forever fans.


4 Hot Espressos

Review: Complicit by Stephanie Kuehn

Review: Complicit by Stephanie Kuehn

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Holy mother of god this book is some kind of messed up! Like, whoa! But it’s the kind of disturbing that is really wonderfully brilliant when you turn the last page, sit back and really think about it. It’s a story that will make your skin crawl, an ending that made me want to pee myself, and a memorable quality that makes it all unforgettable.

Jamie comes off as someone who is mentally unstable from the very start. Understandably so after learning the tragedy that is his childhood. And like many unsettling narrators, he immediately had me under his spell. I quickly became fascinated by his life, his thoughts, his mysterious condition where his hands go numb anytime he gets too stressed or panicked. I wanted to know…

Review: Complicit by Stephanie Kuehn

Review: Complicit by Stephanie Kuehn

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Complicit is exactly the kind of book I like to read, but have so much trouble finding. At the same time it is exactly the kind of book that I hate reviewing. Full of twists, turns and unreliable characters, this novel keeps you guessing until the very end and leaves you with a conclusion that will have your jaw on the floor.

Jamie Henry is 16 years old and he doesn’t know much about his past. He knows that he was adopted at a young age and that he was very lucky to have gotten to stay with his sister, Cate through all of that. He knows that his mother was shot and killed right in front of him and he knows that his sister is not stable nor is…

Waiting on Wednesday (99)

Waiting on Wednesday (99)

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Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event that is hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine and spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating.

My pick this week:

This is the same author who wrote Charm and Strange that I really enjoyed earlier to year so I’m excited that she’s got a new book coming out. It sounds dark and creepy – you know me, right? 😀

What are you waiting on, this week?

Review: Charm & Strange by Stephanie Kuehn

Review: Charm & Strange by Stephanie Kuehn

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This book takes mind-fuck to a whole new level–and excuse my french, but there is really no calling this one any different.

Charm and Strange is… well it is very definitely strange. This is probably one of the most baffling books I’ve read. I was unable to stop thinking and questioning and wondering about every single thing that was going on in this book. It felt like it was going to go one route, only to leave me completely bewildered by the direction it did take. While you will likely want to discuss this book the second you turn the last page, once the ending comes, so does clarity. The confusion is not an irritation while reading either, on the contrary, it’s a fascinating and spellbinding confusion that keeps you…