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Things I Can’t Forget Tour: Review + Giveaway

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Today I’m kicking off the Things I Can’t Forget blog tour that will run from Feb 26th to March 19th! You will find my review below, and then a pretty fab giveaway that you cannot miss!

Things I Can’t Forget
Miranda Kenneally
Series: Hundred Oaks, #3
Genre:YA Contemporary
Publication date: March 1st 2013
by Sourcebooks Fire

Companion to Catching Jordan and Stealing Parker.

Kate has always been the good girl. Too good, according to some people at school—although they have no idea the guilty secret she carries. But this summer, everything is different…

This summer she’s a counselor at Cumberland Creek summer camp, and she wants to put the past behind her. This summer Matt is back as a counselor too. He’s the first guy she ever kissed, and he’s gone from a geeky songwriter who loved The Hardy Boys to a buff lifeguard who loves to flirt…with her.

Kate used to think the world was black and white, right and wrong. Turns out, life isn’t that easy…

-A copy was provided by Raincoast Books for review-
Being a big fan of Miranda’s books since I read and fell in love with Catching Jordan I was only a little weary when I was told this one involved some religion-which I usually quickly turn away from in books. I must say, however, that as usual, Miranda used her magic and turned this into an immensely sweet read, making the religion aspect a simple fact of the story like anything else. Every protagonist has passions and dreams that we get to see as a part of them, this is how religion plays a part in this novel and nothing else. It’s not preached or forced, it’s just a part of Kate’s upbringing. It is what makes her who she is.

As for liking who she is, though, it is not always easy. Kate comes off as a prude and judgmental bitch. She makes it very difficult for others to approach her, let alone understand her. But she does grow a lot throughout the book where she begins to understand her friends a little more–especially her best friend who she’s on the outs with–as well and accept that not everyone shares her views. Even though some times I wanted to slap her senseless, I kind of felt bad for her as well; for her closed up personality, the way she shuts herself off from others, using her faith as a shield. Luckily she discovers new friendship and even love that opens her up a bit. She begins to accept that not everyone sees and believes the same way, and that is still ok!

The first of these friendships and main secondary character is Parker from the previous companion, Stealing Parker. While you don’t need to have read the others to get the full meaning of this novel, it’s great to see our old beloved characters back. Characters that we grew to love, we saw their romance bloom and come to life, are now a super cute couple in this novel. We’re also introduced to a new character and love interest, Matt. Matt is in a frat in college, he respects religion but he doesn’t get buckled down by his faith like Kate, so the relationship is a little rocky for a while. Like usual in Miranda’s books, the chemistry that exists between thees two made my heart soar. They were a perfectly imperfect pair!

Love, friendship, heartbreak, everything a fun summer at camp can bring, Things I Can’t Forget has! Even those who are weary of the religion aspect in the mix shouldn’t worry. We’re made to understand it’s meaning in the book, it becomes part of Kate, like any other character trait. These books are a must read for anyone who calls themselves a fan of contemporary reads!

4 Hot Espressos
Companions to Things I Can’t Forget:
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Growing up in Tennessee, Miranda Kenneally dreamed of becoming an Atlanta Brave, a country singer (cliché!), or a UN interpreter. Instead she writes, and works for the State Department in Washington, D.C., where George W. Bush once used her shoulder as an armrest. Miranda loves Twitter, Star Trek and her husband.

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As part of the blog tour grand prize, Miranda has put together a super awesome bag of her favorite books (and animal butts!) for giveaway to one lucky winner!

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151 Responses to “Things I Can’t Forget Tour: Review + Giveaway”

  1. Mary @ BookSwarm

    A religious MC can be hit or miss, depending on how they’re handled but it sounds like Kenneally does a superb job with it. Love her stories — they’re always so hopeful and, in a way, innocent.

  2. Nick

    Great review, Giselle! I completely agree with what you said on Kate. I had a hard time liking her at first but then you realize how it’s all part of the way she’s brought up. I loved the romance in this one a lot better than her other books! I’m so glad that you enjoyed it!

  3. Rachel

    I’m glad to hear that Kate improves. I read a little of this but then had to put it aside for other obligations and I was having a hard time with her anyhow. Wonderful review, Giselle and how nice of Miranda to give away her favs (I have almost everyone of the books). 🙂

  4. Jennifer Messerschmidt

    I also hate a really hard time liking Kate but I also felt sad for her. I cried eventually even! She grew so much though and Matt was adorable. I was so happy to see so much of Parker and Will too! Already excited for her next book!

  5. Emily Anne

    Hmm, probably Throne of glass, Speak, and The woman who rides like a man. Sorry, I couldn’t pick one! So those are the first three in my grab bag!

    I just finished reading Stealing Parker and am so excited that things I can’t forget is almost out!

  6. Sara @ Forever 17 Books

    Summer camp stories and lifeguards… I love! I also tend to avoid religion in my reads but I’m glad you said it worked out fine in this case.

    If I had a favorites grab bag I would have to include The Fault in Ours Stars, Divergent and perhaps a little something Harry Potter. 🙂

  7. Alicia

    the first in my favourites grab bag would be The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I read that book last year and still think about the characters periodically. Only book to make me laugh and cry at the same time. Everyone needs to read Hazel and Augustus’ story.

  8. erin

    Thanks for the awesome review! Congrats to Miranda on the new release! I’m very excited cuz I just got Catching Jordan and I can’t wait to start reading 🙂 One of the books in my fav grab bag would be any Jane Austin 🙂

  9. Megan R

    Great review Giselle. I can enjoy religion when it’s part of a character, not the point of the book.

    My grab bag would include Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier!

  10. Cayce

    Religion is a turn off for me in books, yet Things I Can’t Forget does sound interesting, so I might check it out one day 🙂 Thanks for the review!

    And the first book in my favorites grab bag would be a signed copy of Slammed by Colleen Hoover 🙂

  11. Ana Death Duarte

    Born wicked, dying to read it! But all the prizes are so awesome! And I am in a book ban. Hubby says I have too much books, l said “There is no such thing as too much books”, to which he replied, “ok, but there is such thing as not so much space”, lol. He said in the meanwhile only gifts and books won from giveaways and for the blog are allowed and it is not even for the money. It is because I would die without new books. And even winning, receeiving for review, being gifted books, I used to buy more and more every week, lol.

    So, me and my imaginary dragon friend called Misty thank for the giveaway and may the odds be ever in my favor! <333

  12. dusty katt

    The first in my favorites grab bag? That’s a tough call. I want to instantly say The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. I love it and think everyone should read it. I’m just not sure I could part with it. 🙂

  13. Jasprit

    I actually didn’t even know that religion played a role in this book before I picked it up, but I still had fun reading this, I also loved being back with so many characters that I loved from the previous books and also getting to know so many new ones! Great review Giselle! 🙂

  14. Anatea Oroz

    Lovley review Giselle! I still haven’t read any of the previous books, but I’m planing to read Catching Jordan sometime next week.

    As for the giveaway, it would definitely be Obsidian, Sweet Evil, Angelfall, Shatter Me and probably a few more.

  15. Stellar

    Awesome review, Giselle! I must pick these up soon! Being ‘religious’ myself, I hate books with religion in them, because they seem to push it in your face, and that’s not how I am AT ALL!
    Some of my favorites for a grabbag would be the Beautiful Creatures series, Wings series, and Divergent. Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Katy

    The first in my favourite grab bag would be Obsidian by Jennifer L Armentrout 😀 I can’t wait to read Things I Can’t Forget ! Thanks for this awesome giveaway !

  17. Charlie

    Omg! This is giveaway is awesomesauce! I had an amazing reading ride with Miranda since Catching Jordan and I can’t wait to read this one. Great review!

    As for my ‘favorite’ grab bag, the first would be How to Kill a Rock Star by Tiffanie DeBartolo.

  18. Janeal Falor

    I really enjoy Catching Jordan. I don’t know why I haven’t read Stealing Parker yet. Big oversight. I’ll have to add it and Things I Can’t Forget to my pile.

  19. SarahO

    Hmm if it were me, my first addition would definitely be something Stephanie Perkins, Gayle Forman or Sarah Dessen. Oh or maybe Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty.

  20. Leannessf

    It would have to be Dead Witch Walking – the first book of the Hollows series by Kim Harrison – you’ll be hooked from the first chapter!


  21. Becky

    Ooh tough one. I will go with City of Bones just because I am in Mortal Instruments mood today. Thanks for the giveaway. I cannot wait to read Things I Can’t Forget.

  22. Kaci Boutwell

    Great review & giveaway! I love Miranda Kenneally and can’t wait for this book!

    Ahh the first book in my grab bag…that’s a hard one! I would have to say anything by Abbi Glines or Stephanie Perkins. Maybe the book Something Like Normal or Pushing the Limits.

  23. Leila Rheaume

    I didn’t realize Things I Can’t Forget was coming out so soon! Great review (and well-timed reminder)!

    The Book Thief would be my first choice for YA, or Good Omens for adult. 🙂

  24. Jesse Burgoyne

    I am so far behind on my contemporaries! I haven’t read any of Miranda Kenneally’s books yet! This one sounds good. I don’t really care for preachy religion in my books, but religion as a plot device or character trait is fine by me. Religion is such a huge part of the world, of course some characters are going to be caught up in it. And I love that Kate comes around to see that it’s okay if not everyone believes the same things. That’s a great lesson to learn.

    As for what book would be in my favorites grab bag, hmm… Probably The Host by Stephenie Meyer. I’m so in love with that world. Or Poison Princess by Kresley Cole. That’s another world I love. I really like fantasy it seems 😉

    Jesse @ Pretty In Fiction

  25. MarkedByBooks

    This book looks awesome! I’ve been seeing her books around everywhere lately, and I really want to read them!

    I’d say the first book in my grab bag would have to be something by Tamora Pierce. Probably The Song of the Lioness, since that was her first book. I’ve been reading a lot of other great books lately, so it would be hard to decide.

  26. Sarah(Sarahandherbookshelves)

    So many good books it would be so hard to choose the first in my grab bag… Maybe The Kitchen House? I read that this year and it was amazing. I couldn’t put it down.

    Also glad to hear that you enjoyed this and that the main character grows throughout the book. I need to pick up Catching Jordan sometime soon!

  27. Sallie Mazzur

    I’d probably choose Across the Universe by Beth Revis… my favorites grab bag would be a little bit of everything…maybe even a comical non-fiction memoir like Bossypants by Tina Fey!

    Thanks for this giveaway, I can’t wait to continue the Hundred Oaks series!

  28. Dee Reimer

    Sooo many to choose from! But I would probably put either Looking For Alaska By John Green or Just One Day!
    Thanks for the Giveaway 🙂 I REALLY want to read Things I Can’t Forget! Like dying to read it!

  29. April

    Hmmm, a favorites grab bag…. we are talking about a 30 gallon or larger bag right? because I have so many favs. I’d prob have to throw Hopeless and The Sea of Tranquility in there, I just read those recently and wow. They were awesome. 🙂

  30. Oh! Paper Pages

    I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga or Venom by Fiona Paul would be the first in my favorites bag. I always love seeing which books authors enjoy reading. Thanks for the giveaway! I love this series and can’t wait to read what the gang is up to!

  31. Amie

    It is a hard question since I have an infinity list of book and there would be impossible to put everything in a bag <— need something bigger to include them all. So I just picked randomly then Everneath by Brodi Ashton.

    Fabulous giveaway…so many good books

  32. Laura @thereadingnook

    a couple books that I would have to throw in my favorites grab-bag would be Ashfall and Ashen Winter by Mike Mullin, as well as The Hallowed Ones by Laura Bickle!! Thanks so much for sharing your review and for this awesome giveaway!!

  33. Nana

    Can’t wait to read Things I Can’t Forget since I loooove Catching Jordan and Stealing Parker a lot. My favourite would be Such a Rush by Jennifer Echols. thanks for the giveaway, Giselle and Miranda!

  34. Katie

    I’ve wanted to read her books for so long! I really need to get started. XD
    On mine would be The Agency series by YS Lee. I can’t help but love that series. It’s SO good.

  35. Megan K.

    I’ve never read CATCHING JORDAN – I know, I must get to it soon! – but I’ve been hearing really good things about the Hundred Oaks series so far, so I’m pretty excited to check it out! And I’m glad you enjoyed the third book, Giselle. 🙂

    Great review!

    And the first book in my ‘grabbag’ giveaway would have to be THIS IS NOT A TEST. A book everyone should read!

  36. Aline Tobing

    Hmm.. tough choice! It’s just so hard to pick just one >,<
    But if I have to, I think the first book in my fave ‘grab bag’ would be a classic, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen 🙂

  37. Jessica Griffith

    i don’t think i could pick just one. plus, i’m always partial to the book i’m currently reading. but i am very excited for the next book. i have loved all the others so far.

  38. Molli Moran

    Shadow and Bone would be the first book in my “grab bag!”

    Awesome review, chica! I already pre-ordered this one for my Nook. I am SO excited. Miranda is one of my favorite YA authors! Kate sounds like a character that may frustrate me, but I’m really glad that you said she changes and grows some over the course of this book. And aww, we get to see Parker again! YAY!

  39. SweetMarie83

    I was wary about the religion aspect too, but it was nice to see Kate grow and learn and progress as a character.

    First book in my grab bag would be Anna and the French Kiss.

  40. Alexa Y.

    I’m super looking forward to reading Miranda’s books, having not read any of them before. They do sound like the kind of books I’d love!

    At the moment, Just One Day would be the first book in my grab bag 😉

  41. Holly Letson

    For my faves bag, most likely, some *Sweet Valley High* books.

    Been wanting to the series this book is from, because I’ve heard such wonderful things about it.

  42. Nuzaifa @ Say It With Books

    I loved Catching Jordan so I’m really looking forward to read this one!
    I’m glad that the religion aspect is approached in a subtle way-I do hate books that come across as preachy.Thanks for sharing your thoughts,Giselle! 🙂

    I think The Fault in our stars would be the first book in my grab bag!

  43. Anonymous

    I think the first book in my grab bag would be Slammed. Such an awesome read!
    Bonnie Hilligoss/bonhill@speakeasy.net

  44. Veronica

    My favourite book of all time is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, but if I was looking at recent reads, I loved Avoiding Commitment by K.A. Linde

  45. Alyssa

    What would be the first book on my favorites bag? Hmmmm … That’s hard to answer. -_-” Ummmm … I think it’ll be The Host by Stephenie Meyer. That book is freakingly awesome! 😀

  46. Shannon Bereza

    Favorite book to go in my grabbag would be a classic Little Women since this is the book that inspired me to be a reader. After that I would have so many because there are just so many awesome books.

  47. neednewspace

    My grab bag would include ALL the books in the Beautiful Creatures series, The Friday Society, ALL of Lindsey Kelk’s books, and to change it up a bit, Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore and The Blood Gospel.

  48. Anonymous

    I looked at the selection of books and … Woah!
    The Selection looks awesome.. I see you included Sarah Dessen *fangirling*
    It would great to read Pushing the Limits by Katie Mcgarry or The Fault in Our Stars, Ive been dying to get my hands on those.
    Great choice in Giveaways though

  49. _Sandra_

    The first book I would grab would definitely be The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, such a beautiful book.
    Thanks for an awesome giveaway! 🙂

  50. Jo

    One book that would be in my favourites grab bag would be Pawn of Prophecy by David Eddings, as it’s the book that made me a reader! 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  51. Randi M

    You have no idea HOW relieved I am to read your explanation of the religious aspect in this book. I usually avoid books that have anything to do with religion LIKE THE PLAGUE. But I was torn on reading this because I loved both Catching Jordan and Stealing Parker. So relieved. And now I’m super excited. 🙂