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Monday, July 22, 2013

Nomad by J.L. Bryan: Guest Post + Giveaway!

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Today I have the fabulous J.L. Bryan (boys can be fabulous too!) on the blog with his usual witty self in an awesome guest post! And then you can win your very own signed copy of this pretty! First though let’s get all the jazz on this book! PS – If you missed it, check out my review here.

Nomad by J.L. Bryan: Guest Post + Giveaway!Nomad by J.L. Bryan
on July 26th 2013
Genres: Dystopia, NA, Sci-Fi
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A new dystopian novel from the author of Jenny Pox - coming July 26.

They took everything: her family, her home, her childhood.

By the age of nineteen, Raven has spent most of her life in the sprawling slums of America, fighting as a rebel against the dictatorship. When the rebellion steals an experimental time-travel device, she travels back five decades to the year 2013. Her plan: assassinate the future dictator when he is still young and vulnerable, long before he comes to power. She must move fast to reshape history, because agents from her own time are on her trail, ready to execute her on sight.

Guest Post by J.L. Bryan

Long-Distance Dating: Time Travel Edition

Long-distance relationships only grow more complicated when you and your significant other are years apart. We’re not talking about May-December romances here, we’re talking about dating someone who lives in an entirely different century. With the recent popularization of home time-travel devices, this is a problem facing more and more people every day.

It’s always the same story, or some version of it: You’re a rising junior partner at a mid-size law firm in 21st-century Manhattan. He’s a 9th-century court jester who smears mud on himself for the amusement of his barbaric warlord king. Nobody ever expected the two of you to fall in love…but the heart is a cavern of mysteries, and sometimes opposites attract.

Whether you’re trysting with a count in 18th-century Versailles, or dating a polished-yet-bloodthirsty Roman senator, a few simple tips will help smooth the long-distance strain on your relationship.

1.Get Your Shots. We’re serious about this. The past is full of ugly plagues and leprosy and all that. Get immunized for everything. Tell your doctor you’re traveling to a Fourth World country.

2.Learn the Language. Maybe you took some French in high school, but if you’re dating that 18th-century French count we just mentioned, you’ll need a command of 8th-century aristocratic dialect. He’s going to expect witty repartee, this nobleman of yours, so you’ll have to do a lot better than knowing how to ask directions to the library.

3.Respect Each Other’s Culture. Maybe he sacrifices goats to bloodthirsty gods who inhabit dark stone monoliths by the sea, and you’re Episcopalian. Make room for both sets of beliefs in your relationship. There’s no reason you can’t decorate a Christmas tree and ritually sacrifice livestock to subterranean demonic entities. Try to find the balance that works for both of you. Remember, compromise is a two-way street, not an on-ramp to an interstate where everything goes your way.

4.Have Fun! Relationships are like hoverbikes—they’re powered by fun. Maybe you like shopping for antiques, while he hunts wooly mammoths with a stone spear. Spend time doing each other’s favorite activities, and you’ll be closer than ever! Possibly.

The important thing to remember is this: listen, listen, listen! Even he just grunts in an animalist pre-language of snorts and snarls (and who hasn’t dated a guy like that?), do your best to understand his needs. Maybe he just wants to nap on a dead animal carcass like he did back home. Respect that, just as he respects your need for an occasional mimosa-filled brunch with your girlfriends. Happiness comes from respecting and appreciating each other. Remember that relationships take a little work, and you’ll do fine!

About the Author

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J.L. Bryan studied English literature at the University of Georgia and at Oxford, with a focus on English Renaissance and Romantic literature. He also studied screenwriting at UCLA. He lives in the metro Atlanta sprawl with his wife Christina, where he spends most of his day serving the toddler and animal community inside his house. He is the author of the Paranormals series and the Songs of Magic series. His book Jenny Pox is currently free on Kindle, Nook, Apple, Sony, Kobo, and Smashwords!

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Review: Nomad by J.L. Bryan

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JL Bryan has always impressed me with the level of originality and excitement he works into his novels (big fan of Jenny Pox), and I was yet again taken aback, this time by a time-travel dystopian that is full of thrills and has a kick-ass heroine to boot!

Time-travel dystopian! When I saw those words together my mind kind of flipped, making me unsure of what to expect. For one, time-travel is nothing to play around with if you’re not fully committed to deliver. I have a low level of patience for ignored time loops and paradoxes, and while I’m still wrapping my head around the details of JL’s take on it with Nomads and the universe taking care of itself, it’s one of very few time-travel plots that I…

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Alexander Death J.L. Bryan Series: The Paranormals #3 Publication date: September 23rd 2011

While Seth searches for Jenny, Dr. Heather Reynard of the CDC unravels Seth and Jenny’s secrets.

Alexander opens Jenny’s mind to her deep past, and to the full horrific extent of her powers.

Torn between her feelings for Alexander and Seth, and between her past lives and her present, Jenny must prepare to face her enemies, as well as the darkness within her…

*A copy was provided by J.L. Bryan for review purposes*  

*Spoiler free for the series!*

This series started so innocently didn’t it? I mean, we have Jenny who’s a timid, broken girl with the touch of death–or disease, who keeps to herself (for good reason) being all innocent and sweet. Ha! Good one!…

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Tommy NightmareJ.L. BryanSeries: The Paranormals, #2Release date: April 1st, 2011

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While Fallen Oak recovers from the Jenny pox, someone new is hunting Jenny.

Like Jenny, Ashleigh Goodling belonged to a pair of opposites with powers that mirror each other.

Now Jenny and Seth must face the opposite of love…

*A copy was provided by J.L. Bryan for review purposes*

Jenny has a deadly touch. It’s not a pretty death either. It consists of boils, puss, and all that good stuff. Now we meet Tommy – his touch induces nightmares. Your worst nightmares. So in other words, the touch of fear. Fear, considered human’s strongest and oldest emotion, is an incredibly fascinating notion especially when used as a tool, so I knew I was in for a good…

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Fairy Metal ThunderJ.L. BryanSeries: Songs of Magic, #1Release date: September 16th 2011

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A rock & roll fairy tale.

Jason plays guitar in a teenage garage band called the Assorted Zebras, but they have no fans, no gigs, and they’re going nowhere. Even worse, Jason has a crush on their lead singer, but she doesn’t seem interested in him at all.

Then Jason steals instruments from the fairy world. Soon the band is enchanting crowds, and Jason is a step closer to the girl of his dreams, but the new gear is brimming with dangerous and destructive magic they can’t control.

Their shortcut to success has cost a troupe of innocent fairies their livelihood and turned Jason and his band into enemies of the powerful…

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Jenny PoxJ.L. BryanSeries: The Paranormals, #1Release date: July 22nd, 2010

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Eighteen-year-old Jenny Morton has a horrific secret: her touch spreads a deadly supernatural plague, the “Jenny pox.” She lives by a single rule: Never touch anyone. A lifetime of avoiding any physical contact with others has made her isolated and painfully lonely in her small rural town.

Then she meets the one boy she can touch. Jenny feels herself falling for Seth…but if she’s going to be with him, Jenny must learn to use the deadly pox inside her to confront his ruthless and manipulative girlfriend Ashleigh, who secretly wields the most dangerous power of all. * * * Not recommended for readers under eighteen.

When I first came upon this book months ago,…