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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Review: If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones

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I received this book for free from Simon & Schuster Audio in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: If I Were You by Lisa Renee JonesIf I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones
Series: Inside Out Trilogy #1
Published by Simon & Schuster Audio on March 12th 2013
Genres: Adult, Erotica, Romance
Source: Simon & Schuster Audio
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When Sara McMillan finds a stack of journals in a storage unit, she’s shocked and enthralled by the life the writer led. Unable to stop reading, she vicariously lives out dark fantasies through Rebecca, the writer—until the terrifying final entry. Certain something sinister has happened, Sara sets out to discover the facts, immersing herself in Rebecca’s life. Soon she’s working at the art gallery Rebecca worked at and meeting Rebecca’s friends. Finding herself drawn to two dangerously sexy men, the manager of the gallery and a famed artist, Sara realizes she’s going down the same path Rebecca took. But with the promise of her dark needs being met by a man with confident good looks and a desire for control, she’s not sure anything else matters. Just the burn for more.

As my first Adult Romance novel on audiobook I was a little unsure of what to expect. In the end I’m glad I tried it; it was a pretty good book and the narrator was fantastic. Being an audiobook had me especially concerned, I mean, there were ways this could have been a complete disaster with a lot of giggling on my part and embarrassment for the narrator’s sake, but there was none of that. She didn’t reenact the sexy scenes with awkward moaning or anything of the sort. It was no different than reading the words off the pages, really. She was great at bringing the character’s voice to life, though.

This was a romance through and through, and thus a little out of my comfort zone as adult romances are not something I read very often at all. But I can’t say I disliked much of it. I did find the plot was slow moving, concentrating more on Sara’s flourishing relationship with Chris. So, as a romance alone it was great. Chemistry between these two is insurmountable. Although I both liked and disliked their relationship, which is odd, I know. On one hand they were everything each other needed, but on the other hand it was all a big control competition. Chris could be a little intense, making it hard to see the good in him, but he wasn’t a complete asshole either. I guess I’m saying he’s a hard character to decipher. I think it’s what makes it hard for Sara to fully lend her trust to him, making her a little testy at times. Chris is not the only man in her life (no worries–no love triangle!). There’s also Mark, her boss, who is equally mysterious. He gives off this dangerous vibe but he seems to want what’s best for Sara so it’s mixed signals all over the place. Intriguing though: he absolutely is! I was also especially curious by Sara’s best friend who suddenly runs off to elope some random dude. That whole thing seems bizarre to me so I think something ominous is brewing which could be kind of awesome.

The plot is there in between the romance somewhere. After Sara finds some journals left in a storage units, she becomes privy to a very hot and… dark relationship by its writer, Rebecca–a mysterious woman who has since disappeared. Sara is set to find her; little does she know that her life is about to intertwine with Rebecca’s own. This was very interesting from the get-go–probably my favorite part of the book. What we encounter in these journals is pretty sinister, leading the way for what could be an exciting mystery. However, we barely get anywhere in this particular storyline at all which is disappointing. We do get bits and pieces, but it’s barely grazing the surface. When something big does happen, of course it’s the cliffhanger! GAH! Being an audiobook I had no notion of how long there was left in the novel, catching me especially off guard; when the ending music started I wanted to cry! I think I even gasped out loud. It was a great cliffhanger for sure, and I secretly love them (when they’re well done) so I will, without a doubt, be thinking about it until I can get my hands on the sequel!

If I Were You is scorching hot, dark and mysterious but plot wise it didn’t progress enough for the anticipation it built up. Like I said though, this was my first steamy adult novel, so… maybe they’re not really supposed to have that much plot progression? Dunno. If I rated it purely on the steamy side it would get a 4 (and ok the cliffhanger, too), but as a whole I felt like it wasn’t enough.


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