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Review: Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

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Review: Hopeless by Colleen Hoover
Colleen Hoover
Series: Hopeless #1
Genre: Contemporary, NA
Publication date: May 7th 2013
by Atria Books

Sky meets Dean Holder, a guy with a reputation that rivals her own. Holder has the ability to invoke feelings in Sky she's never had before. In just one encounter he leaves her terrified yet captivated and something about him brings up a rush of memories from the past that she’s worked so hard to bury away.

Sky knows Holder is nothing but trouble and tries to keep him at a distance, but he is adamant about learning everything he can about her. Sky finally caves to his unwavering pursuit, but she soon finds out that Holder isn't the person he's been claiming to be. When the secrets he's been keeping are finally revealed, every single facet of Sky's life changes forever.
-A copy was provided by Simon & Schuster for review-

Wow where do I start? At the amazing characters? At the sky rocketing chemistry? At the scenes that are so powerfully emotional that you want to curl into a ball and cry for days? I have nothing but praise for this gem that Colleen has created. This book rocked my world, and then it broke it in two.

Before we get down and heavy into the depths, let’s talk about what started it all, and that is the characters. Sky is our protagonist and she could not have been a more enjoyable character for me. She does not have an ounce of superficiality on her body. This girl is honest, so honest that she blurts out the most random and embarrassing things because she doesn’t want to play games or make assumptions. She’s probably the most authentic character I have met in a book thus far. Her straightforward attitude is the cause of a few comical moments between her and Holder, but moreover, it’s the reason she fits so well with him. Holder is definitely intense–especially at the beginning. He clearly has issues that he has a hard time voicing, which leaves him balancing on the edge of his abyss. I found their personalities to fit together perfectly, actually. I was not sure about Holder as the love interest at the start as he came off as a little forceful, but I was left intrigued by the reasons behind these actions. It’s obvious he has motives beyond our understanding, and he never crossed any lines in my “book of unforgiving behavior”, he’s just a little… determined. It didn’t take long until we got to see more sides to him, showing that his character is much more complex than the bad boy he’s rumored to being. Together, these two sizzle! I have rarely come upon a romance that sparked as much as this one. Their chemistry is coupled with a shared connection that is positively explosive, yet convincing. I was lost to lala-land entirely while reading this novel.

Much darker than I had expected, Hopeless is a harsh read that will clobber your heart, leaving you bloody and broken. While I did guess at a lot of the events that would occur, this novel still left me disturbed and shocked, even when I did know what was coming. It’s the kind of story that is not meant to leave you flabbergasted by the sudden twist of events–although the less perceptive than I might be–rather it’s meant to rattle your bones with its raw, visceral intensity. The last half of the novel delivers some violently emotional scenes that displays exactly what kind of talent Colleen possesses to be able to embed so much power into the written word. I’m telling you, some of it took my breath away–I literally had the urge to look away until it passed, not because of anything gory (though one part is a little bit), but because of how much pain it entails. I was not expecting so much grit from such a pretty blue skied cover.

On the subject of covers, take a look at the full mockup and tell me you don’t get chills (especially those who’ve read it):

Such a perfect representation. I’m hoping the published version is not changed as the front cover was modified slightly for the Atria release.

What else can I say? This novel was an honest to goodness extraordinary read that mesmerized me every step of the way. It’s undeniably haunting, crazily romantic, and the type of story that you just don’t get over.

5 Stars
5 Hot Espressos

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30 Responses to “Review: Hopeless by Colleen Hoover”

  1. Megan K.


    Okay, so far I haven’t read a five-star review for a NA book (I know, I know, that makes me sound so judgmental, but seriously, I haven’t had the bests of experiences with that genre), so this one really surprised me! But mmm, the amazing characters and SKYROCKING CHEMISTRY definitely pull me in. Especially that bit about how it’s easy to like Sky. So far the MCs in NA books haven’t been that, ah, likable.

    I’m really excited to read this! Wonderful review, Giselle. πŸ™‚

  2. Nick

    I’m so glad you loved this Giselle. I liked this a little less than Colleen’s other works mainly because I had a hard time warming up to Holder. I agree that they had intense chemistry together. I liked Sky though and I felt so bad for her. I wanted to give her a hug and tell her everything would be alright.
    I completely agree about the cover. It gives me the chills.
    I’m happy you found a book that rocked your world after all those crappy HT titles!
    Fab review, Giselle! πŸ™‚

  3. Amy

    OMG why haven’t I read this yet?!!! I bought it months ago! *kicks self* I need to read this now. Awesome review babe!!

  4. Jenni @ Alluring Reads

    I only read the stuff after the mock up because I don’t want to read your full review yet but I totally agree about that cover, they better not have changed it! I don’t think I will love this one QUITE as much as you in the end, but it’s definitely a strong 4 in my eyes right now. I loved when you were reading this one and getting all of your updates! And I know what you did at 3 AM! MWAHAHAHAHA!

  5. Rachel

    It is a gorgeous cover and thankfully the insides match the outside, Giselle. Wonderful review. I’m happy to see you enjoyed this, too. πŸ™‚

  6. Sirtsu

    Saw your review on GR this morning, but didn’t comment since I figured it’d be good for your blog stats if I did it here LOL πŸ˜€ Anyway. YES ******* YES! I butterflying love this book so so so much! If you don’t know what butterflying means then you’ll learn it in Slammed;-) I too think that Sky has such a different voice than most of the MC-s and it’s refreshing to see someone so organic. I absolutely adored the chemistry and everything that came with this book and I’ll sure as hell buy the paperback as well as Holder’s book in paperback in Fall. Cannot. Wait. Ooooohhh!!!! THIS GIRL COMES OUT IN A WEEK! You better get on ’em Slammed books, Giselle;-)

  7. Nereyda @Mostly YA Book Obsessed

    All I can say is FINALLY! I’ve been wanting you (and everyone else) to read this book forever ago! I’m glad you not only liked it but loved it. Maybe more people will read it now because it definitely deserves it.
    That cover: chills! I really hope they leave it for the paperback. Confession: I didn’t even want to read this book (or the Slammed books) because the book summaries are so vague but I’m so glad I did. Colleen Hoover is a must read author for me. I hope you read Slammed and Point of Retreat. They’re butterflying fantastic!

  8. Ali Ginger-Read

    It’s been weeks since I read this one and I still get emotional over it. Especially looking at the cover in its entirety. Ugh…my heart may never fully heal from this one. Can’t wait to get Holder’s POV, so it can break all over again.

  9. Molli

    5 stars? WHOA. *flails* I’ve read some good reviews of this one, enough to make me dubious. But your review is so compelling – I mean, I can really TELL exactly how much this one got to you. I think I have it for my Nook, so I’ll have to be sure to read it soon. I love it when you get so much more than you bargained for in a book!

  10. Candace

    Wow, that is some review! I have only heard good things about this book and I find myself dying to read it, but terrified to read it. I’m not sure I’m ready for all that emotion! Wonderful review Giselle!

  11. Aman

    Ohmygod, it’s the first time I’m looking at the back covers and it’s giving me chills. Seriously! Hopeless is one of the best books I’ve read this year, it’s so haunting yet beautiful. And I thought I had the ending figured out but boy, was I so wrong.
    Fabulous review, Giselle!

  12. Danny

    Oh gosh I absolutely adored this book!!!! It was so heartbreaking and sad and perfect and everything!!!! So happy you loved it too :)))

  13. Alexa Y.

    I will admit to being curious about this one! I’m glad you ended up enjoying it a lot, as is evident in your review. I’ll probably have to check this one out, and find out their story for myself. It sounds like one I’m going to find very, very interesting indeed!

  14. Jen (A Reading Daydreamer)

    Giselle, welcome to the HOPELESS fan club! This book is definitely one of my favorites for 2013. I completely agree with you on the fact that Sky and Holder were just downright perfect for each other. And yes this story was dark and gritty in some places, but Hoover makes it work, and in my opinion, it turned out to be such a hopeful story. I remember having trouble writing a review for this book, but it looks like you did a fabulous job! AND THE BOOK JACKET. Goodness gracious… Lovely review, Giselle?

  15. Eileen

    It’s official. Everyone needs to read Hopeless because it sounds just positively fantastic and I love that the main character was so authentic and real! Sky and Holder sound like an amazing couple together, and I’m glad that Holder’s decisions at first didn’t affect your overall LOVVEEE for this book! I love romances that make your heart pound and that sounds exactly like what it is here! And I love the gritty books that are heartbreaking ahh I need this book now, phenomenal review Giselle! I’m so happy you loved Hopeless! I saw you and Nereyda talking about this one on Twitter πŸ™‚

  16. Leigh @ Little Book Star

    I wants I wants!! I’m in a search for some contemporary reads, and this one is definitely a yes! Just a few more days then I can buy it lol. Glad you liked it, and I’m so happy the characters are likable.

    Little Book Star

  17. Amanda

    I’ve heard so-so things about Hoover’s other works, but the praise for this one seems to be much more positive. I’m still not quite sure what this story is about, but I’m always down for realistic, relatable characters in the stories I read, so having you mention that you found Sky to be one of the more authentic characters you’ve ever read is definitely a good thing in my book. I’ve got to get on this NA trend at some point, and perhaps Hopeless would be a good starting point. πŸ™‚

  18. Sassy Spratt

    I defiantly want this! I need a good contemporary with believable characters and this one sounds perfect. Glad you liked it and great review. πŸ™‚

  19. Jesse Burgoyne

    I keep hearing such amazing things about this book (and all of Hoover’s work) but still haven’t picked it up. I guess I really need to do that soon! It really does sound incredible. And I want to know why that cover is the way it is. Everyone is always pointing out how the cover just fits the story and gives everyone chills. I want to know why!!

    Jesse @ Pretty In Fiction

  20. Micheline D

    Wow, after reading your review this one will definitely remain on my radar of contemps to read when the mood rises (if it ever does again)…the list is growing anyways πŸ˜‰ The intensity and broken feelings kind of scare me right now but I hope I can muster up the courage to read it cause you made it sound life-changing! Awesome review

  21. Lauren Elizabeth

    Oh I’m SO glad you loved this one! I’m jumping up and down excited to read it after reading a couple amazing reviews, and I just got an ARC from Simon, so I’m going to start it this weekend. That cover is haunting, I’m sure I’ll find it even more meaningful after I’ve read the book. Beautiful review, Giselle!

  22. Carole

    Hi, I just noticed this review and wondered if you would like to link it in to the current monthly collection of books that people loved on Carole’s Chatter. This is the link There are already over 25 books linked in that you might be interested in. It would be great if you came on over. Cheers